There is HELP for Your Loved One

Q HEALTH Can Help You to Understand Your Loved One’s Addiction

Addiction is different for everyone. When we see a loved one struggling with addiction it is hard for us to understand the disease. We may not understand why they don’t just stop using. Can’t they see how they are hurting themselves?

Helping You Through the Process Every Step of the Way

Your loved one’s addiction is powerful. In some cases, the need to use is even more powerful than the need for food, shelter, or love. Loved ones will often try to get the addict to stop using by numerous means including “tough love”, abandoning the addict. Parents will throw kids out of the home and have locks changed. Spouses will often provide a choice, “me or the bottle.” But these “tough love” techniques rarely work. Instead, these tactics create sad and often homeless addicts with nothing to turn to except their own addiction.

As friends and families of addicts, we understand your struggles. You are suffering as well.