Is Alcoholism a Problem in Your Life?

Alcoholism does not discriminate; it affects all ages, genders, economic classes, and backgrounds. What may start out as casual, recreational use, can turn into a serious addiction? Moving from denial to acknowledgment is the first step to recovery. At Q Health Palm Beach, our team collaborates with our clients in a compassionate, yet honest manner, to facilitate whole-body wellness. Our primary concern is expediting your physical and mental healing to help ensure you can lead a satisfying, productive life.

Here are 5 signs that you or someone you know may have an alcohol use disorder.

Productivity. If your professional life is suffering, and you are not as productive as you were before abusing alcohol, you may have an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol adversely affects the way the brain processes information, memory, and coordination. If you have found deadlines slipping, a lack of concentration, and lower productivity at work, you may be abusing alcohol.

Relationship Challenges. If you are arguing with your spouse, children, friends, and co-workers more than you did before drinking, your alcohol use may be a contributing factor. Many individuals with alcohol abuse disorders give alcohol a higher priority than their relationships often leading to arguments, isolation, and poor communication.

Lying About Alcohol. If you are lying to your loved ones about your alcohol use, and hiding evidence of your drinking, you may have an alcohol use disorder. Once confronted by loved ones, many individuals take to sequestering themselves, and their drinking, leading to further communication problems and anger.

Drinking as an Escape. If you drink to escape from your day-to-day life, you may have an alcohol use disorder. Self-medicating unresolved trauma and grief, chronic pain, and emotional baggage with alcohol are a sign of alcohol abuse.

Planning Days Around Your Next Drink. If you plan your days around when you can have your next drink, your alcohol use has become an addiction.

Take the opportunity to speak with one of our compassionate staff members about the alcohol treatment and recovery options that can help get your life back on track today. We have counselors standing by to help and comfort you in this time of need.