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Q Health Palm Beach specializes in treating substance abuse and co-occurring (dual-diagnosis) disorders. We know problems of substance abuse often come with other mental health challenges, including depression, anxiety, and traumatic disorders. Our targeted, evidence-based treatments and expert, compassionate staff are ready to provide the help you need.

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The Q Health Wellness Model® is a comprehensive, evidenced-based substance abuse treatment model designed for success in recovery that paves the way for success in life. Our treatment is grounded in a multidisciplinary team approach that effectively treats the whole person. The Q Health Wellness Model® forges healthy bodies, strong minds, emotional balance, successful life strategies, and positive relationships.

Q Health Palm Beach
Q Health Palm Beach


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Welcome to our residential campus in Boynton Beach, Florida located just two miles from the ocean. Q Health Palm Beach campus and townhomes are designed for your recovery success. Each townhome is tastefully decorated, brightly lit, and fully furnished to create a safe, sober, and comfortable home environment enhanced by our 24/7 residential services team. Enjoy many campus amenities including clubhouse, pool, and picnic areas.

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Recovery Resources

Five Signs of Alcoholism

alcohol abuse

Alcoholism does not discriminate; it affects all ages, genders, economic classes, and backgrounds. What may start out as casual, recreational use, can turn into a serious addiction?

When Alcohol & Other Disorders Intersect

alcohol treatment

Alcoholism is prevalent throughout the world, and research indicates that alcohol abuse is often accompanied by other disorders, making it more difficult to treat – but not impossible.

Drug Treatment and Tobacco Use


Is it really okay to keep smoking cigarettes and continue with a nicotine addiction while being treated for alcohol abuse, opiate addiction, or other substance abuse?


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